What do our customers say about Closing Market?

Who better to hear from about how Closing Market can benefit a title and settlement operation than your peers, other industry professionals and our customers? 

WACO Title

"Last year, with the rollout of TRID, I saw the need for increased communication and integration with our lender partners. So I started researching and actually reached out to our lender partners to find out how we were going to communicate after October 3rd. Closing Market was the solution for us! It is one marketplace that gives our users integration with the products and companies that we work with, including our underwriters and lenders. I’m excited to see where Closing Market is going because I know RamQuest is working very hard to add even more providers to the network."

  • Amanda Brumbelow - Director of Closing Operations

Northwest Title Family of Companies

"The best thing about RamQuest? Closing Market. I love Closing Market. I love the fact that all the new portals -- Real EC's Closing Insight and the vendor products that we use -- are all integrated with Closing Market. My users don’t have to leave the software at all. They don’t have to have multiple logins that they can’t remember. It’s just a nice, seamless integration and it works very well."

  • Liz Davis - Director of Administration

One Nation Title

"Using Closing Market has been really great for our company! It is simple to just reach out to our vendors using the integration...and then their returned product is automatically back in our system. It’s amazing and significantly cuts down on human error."

  • Nicole McGuyer - Vice President of Operations

First International Title

"We love the integrations offered through RamQuest's Closing Market. They solve many problems when we’re trying to work with our underwriters or some of our other services."

  • Lisa Walt - Vice President of Operations/ Area Manager

ATA National Title Group

"The large number of trading partners that RamQuest has made available to us that are digitally integrated within Closing Market certainly makes it easier to get our work done in both title and escrow. We can use these integrations to quickly and efficiently complete title search orders, prepare overnight labels, create Underwriter products and submit e-recordings. The integrations are simple to use and much of the required information pulls directly from data that is already entered in the file. The addition of RealEC Exchange into Closing Market will move us even farther towards providing streamlined communication with our lender customers.”

  • Carol Beachnau - Director of Training