Closing Market

The Settlement Industry's Digital Marketplace


Closing Market Overview


What Is It?

Closing Market brings your entire business world right to your desktop. It's your business lifeline, offering a digital environment that enables real-time communication & collaboration with all of your business partners. Read more.

Who's It For?

Participants in the Settlement Services Industry who want to differentiate themselves and create competitive advantages to gain market share while increasing efficiency, streamline communication and expedite the process. Read more.

Why Do I Need It?

Anyone can utilize Closing Market to fill the service needs of their company and be truly connected. Brokers & Lenders, Title Companies and Service Providers all benefit from integration through Closing Market. Read more.

Who's On It?

Brokers and lenders originating title orders, title companies fulfilling those orders, & service providers that help complete the closing package, Closing Market is the place to connect. Read more.

How Do I Join?

Closing Market can connect you and your business partners with only ONE digital connection. Sign up and start using this powerful tool to truly take your business to the next level. Here's how.