Closing Corp offers a variety of services that are integrated with RamQuest solutions to help streamline workflows and improve efficiencies.

SmartGFE® Calculator – a powerful, yet simple, pricing and compliance tool that instantly generates actual title and settlement rates, and accurate recording fee and transfer tax data — all in GFE and HUD-friendly formats. It’s ingeniously designed to be privately labeled and hosted on a title company’s website for real estate agents and mortgage lenders to access, thereby eliminating unnecessary pricing phone calls, emails and faxes.

℠– an accurate recording fee and transfer tax data service that identifies the exact taxing jurisdiction for every residence in America with pinpoint accuracy. Designed specifically for title and settlement agents, DART also provides filing instructions to help speed up and simplify closing transactions. Data nuances are documented and reliable buyer/seller splits based on statutory and customary practices are included.

® – a seamless, online ordering technology that enables mortgage lenders to order title and settlement services through ClosingCorp’s SmartGFE Calculator and SmartGFE service. The SmartGFE service is used by lenders to instantly generate RESPA compliant GFE data for Blocks 3-8. With SmartOrder closing cost estimates, property, loan, payoff and contact data are delivered directly into RamQuest's Closing Market platform.


Streamline workflows and improve efficiencies

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ClosingCorp is a leading provider of residential real estate closing cost data and technologies for mortgage lenders, real estate professionals and consumers to save them time and money on residential real estate transactions.

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To learn more about ClosingCorp and its portfolio of data and technology services, please call 1-866-CLOSING (256-7464) or email support@closing.com.