BC Law is the premier title transfer and document preparation services provider. We help lenders and title companies stay on the cutting edge with mortgage-related document preparation. We offer expansive nationwide coverage and advanced document management software that allows us to prepare title and mortgage-related documents with turn times of only 1-2 hours.

Our state-licensed attorney network ensures all documents are compliant to state-specific nuances and requirements. In UPL states, each order is approved by a state-licensed attorney.

BC Law also provides UPL advice and comprehensive solutions for the real estate industry by offering superior, attorney-based mortgage closings and settlement services in SC, GA, MA, NY, NJ, VT, and FL. Contact us today to learn more.


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Document Preparation (document types vary by state): Quitclaim, Warranty, POA, Subordination Agreement, Release of Liens, Deed in Lieu and many more.

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Jeremy Ellis / Heather Spitz / 877-838-0777 / sales@bc-lawfirm.com