Indecomm Global Services


Indecomm's Title and Settlement service offers:

  • iTitleHub™ one stop solution for search, exam, and typing
  • Option of choosing bundled and standalone solutions
  • Built-in quality control from multi-checkpoints
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Extensive national coverage

Indecomm’s Post Closing services offer:

  • Dynamic Doc Hub™ dashboard for imaging and auditing documents
  • Real-time production view
  • Reduction in multiple touch points between the notary and title agents
  • Variable cost model for better cost structure and scalability in a dynamic mortgage market 

Indecomm’s Recording services offer:

  • InteleDoc Direct™ for recording with access to over four hundred counties
  • Mail away recording in all jurisdictions
  • Recording website one-stop dashboard with 24/7 access to images, status, and tracking information
  • Audit and fee calculation based on up to date jurisdiction fees and information/format requirements

Indecomm’s Final Document services offer:

  • ViewPoint™ final documents tracking platform for status, disability, and aging
  • County turn time statistics as the key driver for the aging analysis
  • Proactive e-mail/call follow up to secure pending final documents
  • Performance ranking of agents/lenders based on timely return of documents


Professional and thorough title searches

Company Overview

Indecomm Global Services is a leading business process outsourcing company with over 4,000 employees worldwide. Its strong commitment to the title and settlement services industry is bolstered by a full range of platform-based solutions such as title search and typing through iTitleHub™, post-closing through DynamicDoc Hub™, eRecording through InteleDoc Direct™, and mailaway recording supported by the company's recording website. Indecomm’s holistic approach utilizes a suite of services, supporting the title agent from the time of title order entry to mortgage recording. This enables Indecomm to help its customers and other mortgage professionals reduce costs and improve their business performance.

Closing Market Integrations

States Served

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