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DRN currently performs title search services in every county in the following states: Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, and New York. DRN also provide cost effective document retrieval and recording services in every county nationwide. DRN has experience in all types of residential searches including foreclosure and performs commercial searches on a per case basis depending on available resources.


Title search and document retrieval services

Company Overview

Document Retrieval Network's rapid growth since 1999 has been fueled by the quality of the people it employs and the excellent systems it has developed. DRN's growing ranks of salaried abstractors include attorneys, paralegals and examiners, many with over 10 years of experience. This team is supplemented by a robust network of contract abstractors, some of whom have worked with DRN for nearly eight years.

Service is the key to the DRN success. DRN is building its company on values that nurture staff and encourage them to nurture clients and contractors. DRN employs an in-house tech team to ensure it is always ahead technically and can continually innovate, integrate and automate processes according to clients' needs. DRN partners with clients, ready to solve their problems as they strive to continually improve performance.

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